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just a few things

1. something is STILL up with my computer. I downloaded a bunch of fonts for Photoshop, but they won't show up. Also, it won't open .gif images, or even upload them onto my angelfire account.

2. Kimberly, you're a dumbass. You actually left your GUITAR AT MY HOUSE.
I DON'T WANT YOUR BABY so I'll drop it off this afternoon.

3. I wrote two new SC ficlets. One of them is posted and the other one is iffy. Mostly because the feedback I got on it was mixed.
ChaosKirin: Well... I like the writing.
WhatWasOne: but...?
ChaosKirin: ...
<--something is wroooooooooooooooooooooong with me!

4. I NEED NEW ICONS VERY BADLY but since I have basically NO FONTS, I can't do anything about it!

blargh. I need to wake up. I went to bed waaaaaay too late last night.
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