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Conversations with my brother

ryanboxsledboy: oh
ryanboxsledboy: hello
WhatWasOne: heya
ryanboxsledboy: so i got a little question and im just wondering if you can help me answer it
WhatWasOne: perhaps
ryanboxsledboy: what would you do if you saw your little sisters away message and it said "omiguh im so drunk!!!"
ryanboxsledboy: huh?
ryanboxsledboy: huh?
ryanboxsledboy: HUH???
WhatWasOne: ...
WhatWasOne: jesus, no one is going to let me go with that, are they?
WhatWasOne: I wasn't actually drunk
WhatWasOne: sleep-drunk
ryanboxsledboy: SUUUUUUURE
WhatWasOne: *rolls eyes* if I had actually been drunk, I wouldn't have any problem telling you
ryanboxsledboy: im just fucking with you
WhatWasOne: ^^ I figured
ryanboxsledboy: me and jeff were wondering what you would be like drunk
WhatWasOne: LOL
WhatWasOne: interesting
ryanboxsledboy: some pretty funny stuff came up that shall remain secret
WhatWasOne: XD well, at least tell me SOME of it!
ryanboxsledboy: ummmmm, as your big brother im going to have to revoke any and all of your rights to hear anything i say about you
WhatWasOne: ...
WhatWasOne: oh, sure, NOW you decide to take on big-brother duties
WhatWasOne: jackass
ryanboxsledboy: haha
ryanboxsledboy: you know my motto
ryanboxsledboy: "only when its convienient"
WhatWasOne: hm, that's kind of like my motto
WhatWasOne: "slit your wrists and die"
WhatWasOne: it's open to interpretation
ryanboxsledboy: hahaha
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