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there's a reason why Ryan hates me

ryanboxsledboy: its past ur bedtime
WhatWasOne: shouldn't you be passed out in an alley somewhere by now?
ryanboxsledboy: actually i just pulled myself out of one
WhatWasOne: I see
WhatWasOne: wasn't it difficult, in your drunken stupor?
ryanboxsledboy: very
ryanboxsledboy: i woke up at 10am and just got home
WhatWasOne: @_@
WhatWasOne: where've you bean?
ryanboxsledboy: i was in a drunken stupor
ryanboxsledboy: in an alley
ryanboxsledboy: i got lost
WhatWasOne: ...pretend I spelled "been" right // at 10 AM??
ryanboxsledboy: yup
ryanboxsledboy: im joking dipshit
WhatWasOne: no shit, dumbass
ryanboxsledboy: go to bed
ryanboxsledboy: young'n
WhatWasOne: go to bed
WhatWasOne: old guy
ryanboxsledboy: try not to be dumb and go to sleep
ryanboxsledboy: im out
WhatWasOne: try not to get drunk and stay awake
WhatWasOne: 'nite
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