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Chef Boy-Are-Li?


Li is COOKING????


I've been making dinner for my parents the last couple of nights and I... I... *shudder* like it.


the only bitch is, I have to go shopping just about every day because THERE IS NO FOOD IN THIS GODDAMN HOUSE.

My mom has decided to go shopping, so long as I keep cooking, and my dad does the dishes.

I have NEVER seen my parents this happy. My mom hates to cook, and unless it involves the barbeque, my dad doesn't see it as his job, so the fact that I enjoy it and am willing to continue doing it scores big.


I stayed home from school yesterday. Not sure why. I woke up with a stomach ache and somewhere between that and when high school started, decided I didn't really want to go to school. So I stayed home and filled my sketchbook with silly images no one can see because my scanner is still a bitch.

OH! But it turns out, I'm not missing a PART of my scanner. Just the disk that has the program in it. So, as soon as my mom finds that disk, I'll be set.


ALSO! It RAINED YESTERDAY. If we're not careful, California will go over it's "only half an inch of rain a year" limit.

..Longest entry in a while.
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